Hilltop Lumber Design & Drafting Team

Professionals Known for Good Communication and Accuracy


Design & Drafting Services

Hilltop Lumber has an accomplished team of draftsmen/designers who understand the importance of good, consistent communication with the homeowner and their contractors. They have a wide variety of experience, having worked on everything from decks and home remodels to lake homes and commercial projects.

Hilltop’s Drafting and Design Team will meet with the customer at our offices, or on site if needed. On site visits are especially helpful when the property has unique characteristics such has changes in grade, zoning concerns, existing foliage and other considerations.

They are happy to share every bit of their know how to help the customer have a good building experience.

Our Designers Utilize Autodesk® Revit® Architecture Building Design Software

Our team has the latest design software and they know how to use it to the customer’s advantage. Autodesk® Revit® Architecture building design software is a program that helps our designers capture and analyze concepts and maintain the project’s vision through design, documentation, and construction. This heavily based 3D modeling program will help the customer, and us, visualize everything from start to finish.

When you visit with us for the first time we will give you our free building project worksheet. It helps get your project started on the right foot, and is a good first step towards determining the scope of your building or remodeling budget.

You can expect accurate estimates from Hilltop Lumber

Once your plan is finalized we work with you on product selection, and then provide a material estimate for you and your contractor. Customers tell us they like our friendly, helpful attitude, and really appreciate our accurate estimates.

3D drawings help our customers visualize their finished project.

3D drawings help our customers visualize their finished project.

Here are just a few of the homes designed for customers by the Hilltop Lumber Team.